A minute of silence given for eleven lives taken

munich3Par Eve P.
The International Olympic Committee has refused to enforce a minute of silence at the opening games in memory of the eleven athletes cowardly murdered for the fortieth anniversary of this tragedy.
The Olympic committee has declined, repeatedly requests despite the intervention of Minister of Israel and despite the petition online by thousands of users.

The eleven athletes murdered was members of the Olympic family.
« A minute of silence would say clearly to the world that what happened in 1972 will never happen again.

Little reminder of the doctrine of the Olympic spirit .. »To build a peaceful and better world, anxious to preserve human dignity and mutual understanding, solidarity and fair play. »happen again. « 

So we will protest peacefully in beginning on the eve of starting date.

1 – We ask that you take a picture of yourself with your finger over his mouth to express the silence and topost it on the wall of the group.

2 – To change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter as of Thursday, July 26, 2011, the day before the opening game and for 48 hours.

3 – From poster on your wall that day at least one document relating to the murder of Israeli athletes.

4 – To sign the petition now at:

You’ll find the Petition French translation at :

5 – To invite as many friends as possible on the Facebook group  une minute de silence pour les athlètes israeliens assassinés and on this event une minute donnée pour onze vies volées and do their utmost to make it buzz.

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